Having covered a 40-year proven career in integrated textile solutions, hotel equipment, restaurants, clinics, boat – and not only – the MICHALOPOULOS company continues this year to rise, with many pioneering and innovative proposals.

On the premises of our company the person can see, choose and learn about the wide range of products, always leading to the best and most economical solution, the best quality of the market.

Giving a picture of your space (paints, furnishings, layout), we are offered the most appropriate combination of designs and colors, electing the maximum decorative effect.

You can choose from a wide range of sheeting, from the most affordable to the higher quality market segments.

Even you can choose – from a huge variety of colors and designs – pillows, blankets, bath towels, throws, Runner, Kouvelis blankets (acrylic, pique) mattress cases, curtains, tablecloths, NAPKINS, and more, for which you be informed of the specific company or from our websitewww.mihalopoulos.gr

We set up boutique hotels with minimum cost …